What Happens If I Get Pregnant on a Temporary Contract

If you`re on a temporary contract and you get pregnant, it`s natural to feel nervous about what might happen to your job. As an expectant mother, you have a right to protect yourself and your baby, and you`ll want to make sure that you`re getting fair treatment from your employer.

So what happens if you get pregnant while on a temporary contract? Here`s what you need to know.

1. Your employment rights still apply

Just because you`re on a temporary contract doesn`t mean you give up your employment rights. You`re still entitled to equal treatment from your employer, including protection from discrimination and the right to maternity leave.

2. You may not be entitled to paid maternity leave

Temporary workers are not entitled to statutory maternity pay (SMP), although you may be eligible for maternity allowance if you meet certain criteria. This is a government benefit paid to women who don`t qualify for SMP.

3. You may be entitled to unpaid maternity leave

All pregnant employees, regardless of their employment status, are entitled to up to 52 weeks` maternity leave. This is made up of 26 weeks` ordinary maternity leave and 26 weeks` additional maternity leave.

4. Your employer cannot discriminate against you because you`re pregnant

It is illegal for your employer to discriminate against you because you`re pregnant. This means they can`t treat you differently or unfairly because of your pregnancy or maternity leave.

5. Your temporary contract may be extended

If you`re on a temporary contract and you get pregnant, your employer may need to extend your contract to cover your maternity leave. This will depend on the terms of your contract and the needs of your employer.

6. You may be entitled to return to work

If you meet certain criteria, you have the right to return to work after your maternity leave. This includes if you`ve been with your employer for at least 26 weeks by the end of the 15th week before your due date.

In conclusion, getting pregnant while on a temporary contract can be stressful, but it`s important to know that you still have rights and protections. Your employer cannot discriminate against you because of your pregnancy, and you may be entitled to maternity leave and the right to return to work. Make sure you understand your rights and seek advice if you have any concerns.

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